ONE!!! Only one turnover through the first 4 games.

We all know this league is about turnovers, and if you lose that battle in a game more often than not you will come out with a loss.

Average and below average teams would be extremely tough to beat over a 4game span with 1 total turnover. If a top 5 team like the Jets never turns the ball over, we will be nearly impossible to beat.

The only turnover we do have is probably the difference between being 3-1 and 4-0 this year. We had all the momentum in the ravens game until greene's fumble. That turnover is a perfect illustration of how devastating turnovers can be.

Major props to Sanchez for not throwing a pick, and all the backs and receivers for hanging onto the rock.

Does anyone know the record for turnovers in a season? I think the fins may have set the record 2 years ago with 13 when they won the division.