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Thread: Schotty debate

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    Schotty and Rex come from the Marty Ball and Buddy Ball schools of football. And as coaches... they are a work in progress too. Especially in seeking for a more balanced approach in opposition to their conservative heritages.

    Rex is becoming a better HC, as he deals with the realities of making decisions that involve all phases of a football team...and not just his beloved D. Same for the much younger Schotty...whose father Marty demanded a conservative approach to the offense...especially in the passing game.

    It could also be in Schotty's case...that he's found the ideal QB that can run his system. Sanchez is very coachable. So all Schotty(with Rex involved too) needed to do was find the right balance...between Mark being smart and not forcing still being aggressive and take his shots down the field. To utilize the tools available on offense...and make the best run-pass decisions to defeat a specific defensive formation. And that's what Sanchez seems to be doing... almost to perfection.

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    I'll rip into Schotty with the best of them (or anyone else I feel screws up) as I have that luxury as a fan. Yes, when things go bad there's no lack of blame to be spread around.

    So yeah I have problems with his play calling on occasion. However, I like the overall job the guy has been/is doing and don't get the folks that call for his head regularly.

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    We are one of the highest scoring teams in the league....we are 3-1 he is doing a fantastic job.

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    I'm at the point now where, no matter who we're playing, I think we should go for it on 4th down if we're at the 5 or closer. We either punch it in, or the defense has an extremely short field to wreak havoc on.

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    Schotty still sucks. The Jets are winning despite him.

    Can't wait until he's gone.


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