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Thread: How do you see the offense changing with Holmes-Who loses snaps?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Buzzsaw View Post
    I like Cotchery, but he can't consistently get open. It's going to be fun to watch Braylon and Santonio on the field at the same time, how do you stop that?


    Cotchery loses snaps.

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    How I see the offense as of yesterday:

    How I'll see the offense next Monday night with Holmes:

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    Doesn't matter...someone is going to be open!

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    I'd bet Cotchery loses the most offensive snaps, but BE & DK & the FBs will also absorb some of the effect. I don't see Cotchery having a problem w/ it at all, I do completely expect him to be more effective in 3-4 WR sets w/ space and some YAC, and I'd bet Westhoff is absolutely giddy that he might have Cotch available for some ST work. Remember when he used to be a tremendous returner? I'd definitely take him over either Leonhard (not the most explosive) or Wilson (does not appear to know what he's doing yet) on PRs. On KRs Smith is effective, but having Cotch on the other side/leading the return sounds like a damn good plan to me.

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    The Jets have to be a bit careful here not to jump to the temptation of too many empty back fields and removing a blocking FB. More options are nice but things have been going well as it is and we do not want the young Qb to get hammered back there.

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    I think both Edwards and Cotchery will lose a few snaps per game.

    I'd like to see Cotchery move to the slot and become a big 3rd down/short yardage threat.

    He catches everything, and is a YAC threat.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KRL View Post
    I believe the FB position will lose snaps. I think you'll see a lot of:

    3 WR
    1 TE
    1 RB
    With Santonio, Braylon, Jericho, Dustin, and LT on the field at one time, who is the other team going to cover? It will be exactly like what the Colts did to the Jets in the AFC Championship game, with Wayne, Garcon, Collie, Clark and Addai, except our 3 WRs are better than Wayne, Garcon, and Collie.

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    Work Holmes in slowly, but IMO he should not just come in and start over Cotch.

    This team has a perfect balance and chemistry going...don't fix what is not broken. I don't want to start seeing a bunch of 3 and 4 wide stes, that's not who the Jets are

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    you'll still see keller split wide ... they'll probably put holmes and braylon on one side of the field and keller on the other ... that in my view is a killer package cause holmes in the slot is deadly .... cotch had been the team's 5th option up to this point with keller, braylon, LT, and brad smith ahead of him ... now with holmes he's the 6th ... i guarantee you cotch makes some clutch players this year that are needed ... the biggest thing for sanchez is that rex has these receivers ego's on check and sanchez doesn't have to worry about getting guys touches and etc .... for a young guy thats just horrible ... these guys just want to win more than anything ..... could u just imagine the 3 WR packages? my god ..... with Santonio, Braylon, Cotch, & Keller running routes ... just incredible ... in my view Braylon is still the number 1 guy cause he's the guy u can just throw the ball to no matter who's on him and how he's on him plus he and Sanchez have developed a chemistry .... Holmes is going to find ways to get open and in my view on passing situations he'll be the number 3 guy behind braylon and keller ... he'll open the game up but don't expect huge stats from him ... i'd say 4 catches for 55 yards or something seems like a typical holmes game this year ... best thing holmes does for us is keep teams from keying on keller so much .... keller benefits from this more than anybody as well as mark .... if u are a fantasy guy which i'm not ... bank on keller putting up even bigger games yards wise


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