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Thread: New Story: L.T. Continues to Prove Doubters Wrong

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    New Story: L.T. Continues to Prove Doubters Wrong

    [B]Florham Park, N.J.[/B] - Giants fans have often taken offense to Ladainian Tomilinson being nicknamed, L.T. and in the days of Giants Stadium that opinion was somewhat understandable. However Giants stadium is no more and there is no doubt there is only one L.T. that is taking ownership of the New Meadowlands Stadium.

    L.T. is in the 10th year of his first-ballot hall-of-fame career, the first seven years of his career was on as high a level of anyone in the history of the game. L.T. spent years being the most complete and dominating back in the NFL during his time...


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    Giants Fans need to [b]GET OVER IT.[/b] LT is now Ladainian Tomlinson and they need to get used to it.

    I remember a week ago driving home from a restaurant when I turned on WFAN and heard Francessa tell a Caller who referred to Tomlinson as LT to please never use those initials to describe him on "this radio station". I was like "WTF?" when he said that.

    I think I should includee Fatcessa in the "GET OVER IT" category. I'd rather refer to Tomlinson as LT than have those initials be associated with a Rapist/Pedophile like Lawrence Taylor.


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