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He may be to expensive to keep in the offseason. Some team is going to overpay.
Because there's no CBA...Jets retain Brad's rights through next year too. And Jets may offer a much higher tender contract to him. Making it difficult for other teams to snatch Brad away. Also...BS may very well decide he'd rather stay here and play as a Jet...or as long as he can with the team that drafted him. At least I hope so.

Due to that thrown TD pass...Brad has now become an even more dangerous multifaceted weapon, that defenses have to spend extra time preparing for.

When BS steps on the field at the QB position...I'm no longer gonna call this package of plays the wildcat or the Seminole(that's the name they gave it for when Leon ran it)...but the Bradcat formation. Anyone else that has a better name to suggest please do bring it in here.