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Thread: Cimini is such a tool

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    Cimini is such a tool

    Can't just enjoy the win.

    From his Twitter:

    Stay classy, Digs. From Sunday: RT@JamesIhedigbo Leaving Buffalo whooped them bums great team win let's go JETS..... Men on a mission!!!!

    Honestly nothing wrong with what Ihedigbo said there. Cimini just dying to start something.
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    Cimini is a negative nancy. Nothing new.

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    This is a pathetic stretch though.

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    He did write a quite complementary article on espn New York about the Jets chokehold on the AFC East.

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    I hate the guy, his tweets and articles are always negative. I don't want him to be pro-Jets or a cheerleader for the Jets, but at least to be fair to the team he covers. There's always a smart ass comment or a back stabbing comment at the end of his posts. Can't stand it.

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    Someone tell that loser to stop bothering Jets fans with his stupid negativity and start covering the Giants. I hate that guy.

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    The Jets success is killing Tardini

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    Eh, it's not very sportsmanlike to call another team "bums".

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    [QUOTE=Buzzsaw;3765636]Eh, it's not very sportsmanlike to call another team "bums".[/QUOTE]

    What if they were the Brooklyn Dodgers??:yes:

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    An anti cimini thread. I dont believe my eyes. What could possibley be next? A Francessa doesnt like the jets thread?


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