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Thread: Patriots vs. Dolphins MNF Game Thread

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    [QUOTE=Bay Ridge Jet;3766073]Is Sparano blind? Hes wearing his sunglasses in the press area.[/QUOTE]

    Actually, sort of. When he was a kid he was working a deep fryer at McDonald's or something, and the oil splashed up into his face and he almost lost his vision. To this day he's very sensitive to light and he never takes off the shades.

    They explained this when the Jets played the Dolphins last week.

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    [QUOTE=fullblast;3765654]The Dolphins are going to rout the Pats tonight.[/QUOTE]


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    [QUOTE=PaPZ187;3765713]The 2-2 New England Patriots[/QUOTE]

    Nostradoofus II


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