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Thread: Tyler Thigpen could be the future of the Dolphins

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    Chad Henne has ALWAYS been over-rated.

    Would not surprise me to see him benched at some point this season, especially after the Dolphins next four games which will leave them at 2-6 or 3-5.

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    If they swapout qb's they'll go into a tailspin.

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    [QUOTE=Gholstons Revenge;3766705]Henne 4 year starter in college and his 3rd year in the league....

    Sanchez 1 year starter in college 2nd year in the league...[/QUOTE]

    To this point, Henne had 45 starts in college, 17 in the pros and sat a year & a couple of games in the NFL behind Pennington. Henne is 25 yrs old and 16 months older than Sanchez.

    There has to come a point where you ask, how much more experience do you need to actually get better?

    Henne has benefited well from the heat of Miami when opposing defenses get warn down. There is a reason why he doesn't perform as well on the road.

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    [QUOTE=chesapeakejet;3767065]If they swapout qb's they'll go into a tailspin.[/QUOTE]

    I don't think Chris Mortensen will be on the Dolphins holiday card list...



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