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With a new coach at Kansas came a couple other new things.

When Coach Gill brought Coach Stamn with him, I doubt Coach Gill imagined he was sewing the seeds for one of the greatest traditions in KU Football history. It started with the tight ends, inspired by Coach Stamn, but quickly spread to the rest of the offense. While the defense would like to deny it, surfing is here to stay at Kansas.

‘What is surfing?’ you may ask. When an offensive player gets a knockdown he jumps on top of the defender and lifts his legs and arms off the ground. We take pride in our knockdowns, but surfing guys is down-right domination.

On Monday, I was part of what is to believed to be the first triple-surf ever. Daymond Patterson and I were part of a hellacious de-cleater and D.J. Besheers was close by so we all rode the wave together.

Needless to say the offense was pumped, the defense not so much. One man is attempting to up the surfing craze by rodeoing the defensive lineman. It is yet to be seen whether Tim Biere's new tradition will catch on, but one thing is for sure, this offense is having fun.

We're all pals in the locker room, but on the field competition is non-stop. Whether it be offense vs. defense, position battles or the best surf of the day, guys are coming out to the practice field to get better. So for all those o-lineman out there tired of the defense talking, hang ten and soon you'll be the ones chatting it up. Till next time Rock Chalk!

PS- check out The Gridiron- KU Football's mini TV show ( and just visualize my mustache surfing.