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Thread: O-Line Appreciation Thread

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    O-Line Appreciation Thread

    Yea there were some issues (Revis...get healthy please), but the positives FAR outweigh the negatives from last night, most importantly our Offensive Line gave an outstanding performance.

    Not only did we rush for 150+ yards (pretty sure thats the first time in 50 games that Minn Def has let up 150), but DBrick played absolutey awesome against Jared Allen. No major penalties or big breakdowns facing arguably the best front 4 in the league.

    The line is really starting to gel, especially as Slauson seems to improve weekly....we should be able to absolutely maul Denver this week.

    Great job O-Line!

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    We lead the league in rushing, we have the best offensive line in the NFL, and it will only get better.

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    Slauson needs to be called out specifically because he's been a lightning
    rod on the board. You never heard Kevin Williams or Pat Williams name all
    night, he continues to grow and will get better

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    It's awesome. We have the best run game in the NFL and a pass game that can take over a game if necessary. Slauson has been awesome. We're not the same running team as last year, I think we're far better.


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