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Thread: FIRE REX RYAN NOW and the entire coaching staff.

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    FIRE REX RYAN NOW and the entire coaching staff.

    Lets just rebuild and start playing the young guys now at 5-2. Ok just kidding but I know some pundits on here are overreacting. Relax guys we're 5-2. Pats are 6-1 but they'll still have to beat us in Foxboro and that can change a lot. Not to mention good teams learn from losses. The bills spanked the pats 40 to 0 in Foxboro one of the years NE won it all, saints last year blowing a 17 point lead with all their starters in against the horrible bucs, giants the year they won ... it goes on and on ... we'll learn from this game and make adjustments and go back to what we're supposed to be doing. GROUND AND POUND and making things easy for our toddler QB and not acting like we have a 9 year vet at the helm. Keep in mind we weren't remotely close to being dominated. Both of our losses this year were games we easily could have won. If we got dominated it would be different but trust .... once a couple of players start playing the way they should be, once the coaching staff starts making the adjustments we all know they're capable of making of, and once these refs realize what an interception is ... we'll be fine. All that cute passing stuff will stop (thank god), after today we all know what we are ...

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    Stop. Making. Threads.

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    Blah, Blah,Blah

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    Are you DefenseWinsChampionships2? I must admit I'm not on here as much as I used to be, but I don't ever see him anymore and you remind me a lot of him.

    What happened to DWC2? Banned again?

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    please ban the clown who started this thread AFTER you permaban DSUCK

    thank you


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