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Thread: Rumor; Peyton Manning to New York Jets

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    Rumor; Peyton Manning to New York Jets

    Manning's refuses to sign a contract till the off-season making him a free agent...
    opening up a possibility of a Lebron James master move in the NFL..
    Link.. refusal to sign

    insiders report Manning is dissatisfied with the Colts inability to ever bring a dominant defense.
    But more so dreads to be on a team that is not interested in a undefeated team.... reports say the possibility to go undefeated for a organization that does not care and will sit him down again is too much for his competitive spirit...

    Also Manning clearly feels he can win more Super Bowls joining with the defensive genius Rex Ryan... as long as his offense of coordinator joins him.
    Knowing that Sanchez has proving to be a quality NFL quarterback could garner a number one pick from the San Francisco 49 s making this the best coup of the decade

    Reports have this rumor started on a New York Jets forum while encouraging fans to personally write
    Peyton Manning to join a defensive genius.....and win more Super bowls

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    Aprils fools is in 5 months, but this could make sense... Archie can get seats in one stadium to see his boys....

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    to the JI dump with thee, I say.

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    Didn't Parcels pass on him? Sh*tty would turn Peyton into an below average QB.

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    This seems pretty legit to me.

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    Jets will go 16-0 there in 2011 if this turns out to be true.

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    Unbelievable that someone would publish such dribbel.

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    Rumors have his offensive scheme and coordinator coming along...

    It does make sense!!!

    especially leaving one of the least paid teams...

    please write his Dad then


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