...on some prospects I like for the Jets.I'm no expert but a couple of guys have caught my eye.Any of our resident draftniks able to shed some light on whether or not these are guys to watch/get excited about.

Jeremy Beal-We need a big-time pass rusher,the Lions game was another painful reality check that we need to bring better pressure on opposing qb's(Coleman getting victimized despite having decent coverage because the opposing qb has all day back there...and not for the first time either).I like his size and he looks quick and active,always seems to be around the play and his production has been pretty good.played for a good programme so should be NFL ready.Am assuming he is projected to 3-4 OLB as a pro...late Rd 1 or Rd 2?

Jarvis Jenkins-was watching primarily to see Bowers but I came away thinking that No99 for Clemson always seems to anchor himself in the middle of the line and takes some shifting.6-4 319 is pretty good size and he looks like he can move well laterally too.Not a sack artist but could he be a run-stuffing end or NT for our system?....Rd 3 or 4?

Kendall Hunter-Love watching this guy,is it me or does he have a bit of Barry Sanders about him?...or maybe Leon Washington?..production has been great and he just always seems to be making people miss and getting yardage.3rd rounder?

Stephen Paea-another pretty active guy who seems to have great athleticism for a 300 pounder.productive and seems like the kind of player who would thrive in Rex's D....is he a NT or 3-4 end?

Jabaal Sheard-Having a big year and the last time we went to Pitt for a prospect it worked out pretty good.