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Thread: After The Browns Game, Not Sure We're Going To Win Another Game This Season

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    [QUOTE=Il Mostro;3821394]Damien Woody says: "Put a sock in it...".[/QUOTE]

    And my response is he should put a block in it.

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    I can't believe you people still fall for this schill's crap..

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    [QUOTE=RaoulDuke;3821248]If I'm ever convicted for murder I want SAR as my attorney and Plumberkahn as his assistant. SAR for the courtroom theatrics then PK to smuggle drugs and hookers into my cell once I'm convicted.[/QUOTE]noted for the record. carry on.

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    [QUOTE=SAR I;3821047] But it means that we should EXPECT to beat Denver, Detroit, and Cleveland handily.[/quote]I have no problem with those expectations.

    [quote]Should put them away early, jump out to a big lead, kill some clock, go home (yawn) with a nice 30-10 win.[/quote]lol, only you get away with this. This is the sign of a dominant team that has teams beat before they kick off. That could come in time; we'll see.

    [quote]We know what's happened these last 4 weeks. Eeeked out wins against terrible teams and a home shutout to a decent team. That ain't good. That's not Lombardi football. That's playing down to your level of competition, that's underachieving.[/quote]Okay.

    [QUOTE]Standards. Expectations. Have some. If you did, you'd know that we're on life support and the biggest 7-2 joke in the NFL. Let's see the team step it up and DOMINATE someone.[/QUOTE]We'll see. I have great expectations, and I think the team is finding itself still.

    They aren't giving away games, which should ultimately lead to the type of dominance that can be sustained over a full season.

    [quote]You'll see, my friend, you'll see. We've just played two back-to-back OT games on the road and now have two back-to-back games in a short 4 day span. The Texans and Bengals are better than what we just faced, they're desperate, and they are out for blood.

    SAR I[/QUOTE]Who has low expectations now? The Jets are toss both of those teams in the garbage. The 3 games that follow those have me very concerned.

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