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Thread: After The Browns Game, Not Sure We're Going To Win Another Game This Season

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    Quote Originally Posted by Il Mostro View Post
    Damien Woody says: "Put a sock in it...".
    And my response is he should put a block in it.

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    I can't believe you people still fall for this schill's crap..

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    Quote Originally Posted by RaoulDuke View Post
    If I'm ever convicted for murder I want SAR as my attorney and Plumberkahn as his assistant. SAR for the courtroom theatrics then PK to smuggle drugs and hookers into my cell once I'm convicted.
    noted for the record. carry on.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SAR I View Post
    But it means that we should EXPECT to beat Denver, Detroit, and Cleveland handily.
    I have no problem with those expectations.

    Should put them away early, jump out to a big lead, kill some clock, go home (yawn) with a nice 30-10 win.
    lol, only you get away with this. This is the sign of a dominant team that has teams beat before they kick off. That could come in time; we'll see.

    We know what's happened these last 4 weeks. Eeeked out wins against terrible teams and a home shutout to a decent team. That ain't good. That's not Lombardi football. That's playing down to your level of competition, that's underachieving.

    Standards. Expectations. Have some. If you did, you'd know that we're on life support and the biggest 7-2 joke in the NFL. Let's see the team step it up and DOMINATE someone.
    We'll see. I have great expectations, and I think the team is finding itself still.

    They aren't giving away games, which should ultimately lead to the type of dominance that can be sustained over a full season.

    You'll see, my friend, you'll see. We've just played two back-to-back OT games on the road and now have two back-to-back games in a short 4 day span. The Texans and Bengals are better than what we just faced, they're desperate, and they are out for blood.

    SAR I
    Who has low expectations now? The Jets are toss both of those teams in the garbage. The 3 games that follow those have me very concerned.

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