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Thread: Is Everyone Confident?

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    [QUOTE=Mainejet;3822216]I could end up looking a fool for saying this...

    IMO, styles make matchups in the NFL. There are some teams that just DO NOT match up well with what we do. The Texans IMO, are a team that just doesn't match up well with us.

    After last season, in the playoffs, after we thrashed the Bengals for a second week in a row. I said to myself, "The Bengals just DO NOT match up well with us". Then I started thinking about other teams that do not match up well with us. The first team that came to mind was the Texans. In our opener last season we played and gave them a thorough beat down. The ONLY points they scored was on a Sanchez pick six, his first game as a pro.

    Now, remember we still had Kris Jenkins in that game and he was a BEAST all day long. He completely dominated the LOS. The Texans had no answer for him. We won't have him for next weekend and that could change things quite a bit. But, IMO, there are still way too many ways that we dominated them, TOP, Offensive plays run, yards per carry, etc. We kept the Texans off balance in every phase of the game.

    So I conclude that we will win this game convincingly. I think Sanchez and the offense is starting to come out of their slump. And the Jets are quite simply, a MUCH better team since we played the Texans last.

    I think your worrying about nothing. When the schedule came out during the offseason, and I saw the Bengals and Texans on it, I circled them as AUTOMATIC wins. The Texans have trouble with teams that dominate at the LOS, that's what we do. We play ground and pound and if the Jets stick to that gameplan I think we are guaranteed of a victory. I don't think we'll win this game by 30, like my words would indicate, but I can easily see us winning by 10 points or more. And if we did win by 30, I wouldn't be the least bit surprised.[/QUOTE]

    But I think the Texans are a different offense than last year. They had a terrible running game last year, and one of the best in the league this year.

    Their D still sucks so we should be able to put up points. But I think they're more difficult to defend than they were last year.

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    [QUOTE=jpoppy7;3822221]But I think the Texans are a different offense than last year. They had a terrible running game last year, and one of the best in the league this year.

    Their D still sucks so we should be able to put up points. [B] But I think they're more difficult to defend than they were last year[/B].[/QUOTE]

    And so are we I might add. We've added a lot more weapons since the last time we played them. Our defense is as good, if not better than last season, even if the statistics do not indicate that. I see this as an EASY victory for us. I think we come out of our slump and play well in all phases of the game for the first time since week 2 against the Patsies.

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    [QUOTE=jpoppy7;3822201]I see it the other way around, though realistically every game is a combination of how the Jets O and D play, with some special teams thrown in as well.

    The Texans are a good offense, with a good chance to put up 20 or 30+ any game.

    The bigger question for me is whether the Jets O can do what they should be able to do and put up a lot of points against one of the worst defenses in the league. We failed to do that against Denver's bad D, needing a drive in the final minutes to score 24 points. We failed to do that against Detroit's bad D, scoring only 20 points in regulation.

    [B]The Jets O may need to put up a lot of points this week. And score points, not just accumulate yards. I think they will be able to, but they need to prove it. Dominate the Texans D like they should.[/B][/QUOTE]

    Can't argue with your conclusion.

    I truly believe that Sanchez and the offense have taken growth steps these last few weeks. And are ready to put up some big points on the board.

    Hate to use this word...but the Broncos and Lions games was part of the Sanchez growth managing the offense. It was an important step...for Sanchez and the experience the adversity of being behind in the 4th Q. Forcing them to be making the necessary come back and get the team a win. Those games were not only good for Mark...but for Holmes too. His clutch 4th Q mojo was back.

    The result of that process...was how impressively Sanchez...and the offense...handled the pressure and adversity of that Browns game. Especially so for the engineering of that opening 19 play; 10+ minutes, 3rd Q drive. And kudos to the OL too. Cause that was the longest drive in the NFL this year. it's good to know...that when you go up against high scoring teams...that Sanchez and this offense...can keep the opossing the field...and sitting on the sidelines. Sanchez can do that now against the Texans...if the Jets have a big lead.

    Also...I just felt that the speed of the game...had slowed down for Mark...a little that Browns game. Sanchez looked less tentative and mechanical. And that his play reaction was more instinctive. He understood the chess game that was going on against that Rob Ryan's defense. Mark's quick decision making and field of vision was up to the task. It showed best in his ability to play well while hobbling around...evading the Brown's pressure...yet still making big plays on the move.

    That was an underrated Browns team that Sanchez and the Jets had to beat in overtime. In terms of opponent's W-L records...everyone of them has a winning record. All of them have a good chance at making the playoffs...because of where they are in the standings. Jets(7-2)...Buccaneers(6-3)...Ravens(6-3)...Steelers(6-3)...Falcons(7-2)...even the fading Chiefs(5-4)are still tied for the AFCW. Browns may be 3-6...but are 2-2 under Colt(the real)McCoy. He looks like their future QB.

    IMO...if Sanchez plays as well against the 31st ranked Texans defense(32nd against the pass) he did against that Rob Ryan will result in a bunch TD plays. Jets will get 30+ come this Sunday.


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