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Thread: Does anyone else HATE the wildcat?

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    Quote Originally Posted by shuler82 View Post
    enjoy it (or hate it) now..brad smith will not be a Jet in 2011
    Dunno about that.

    He's our best special teamer and Westhoff worships him. Westhoff has jokingly said that when Brad leaves, so does he.

    Rex loves him as well. Schotty has said that Rex is the one who often brings up getting Smith involved more.

    The guys you should be preparing yourself for leaving are Braylon and Cromartie.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MDL_JET View Post
    It makes me nervous as hell when it's 3rd down and we're using it. Even though it's often successful getting a 1st, I still always say "Cmon wtf!" when I see them line up.
    Same here.. I could be mistaken but I get the feeling it does kind of messes up Sanchez's rhythm with the offense.Brad Smith is very athletic and I would love to see him in more roles as a wide out. He can do damage after the catch.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ctjetfan View Post
    I'll tell you one thing, Sanchez would be wide open if Smith take a step forward before dropping to see that
    I really have no doubt that this is coming.....but its gonna be saved for a big big big spot, like somewhere deep in the playoffs. (remember how good Mark looked catching the ball while goofing off on hardknocks - the boy has the skills to pull it off)

    But, right now, with Mark's injured shin, there's know way they'll have him running down the sidelines on a deep route.

    Moreover, if they pull this off now, they make him even more of a target that he already is when split out. Now, random DBs take tiny little shots at him, mostly like a half ass jams at the line of scrimmage. If Mark goes deep on the Texans or the Bengals, I can almost promise you Bellicheat will have his boys running full speed at him if he splits out in the wildcat. The last thing we want is for him to get injured. This is another reason why they'll save it for a big big big spot.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ctjetfan View Post
    Really? It doesn't seem like it. I still don't like it. It's becoming predictable..They only threw out of it once this year, right? The TD to Keller in the Bills game?

    You save the throw for when you need it - that Bills throw made everyone back off the run out of that formation for a bit. Now, they're all ignoring Sanchez - who may have the best hands on the team . One of these days, he'll catch a TD


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