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Thread: Turner and Hunter playing Defense last week (Video)

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    Was this mentioned - thought it was pretty cool

    I was watching the Browns game, with Cleveland on the 4 yard line about to go ahead, and did a double take - playing DT was not one but two offensive linemen:

    #75 Robert Turner and #78 Wayne Hunter.

    They did well actually - maybe we'll see more of this.

    Turner especially has a defensive mindset. Hunter is just plain massive.

    Turner got a pretty good hit on Leonhard - :).


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    He is a versatile player. He plays offense, can play some defense, and is on Special Teams.

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    Turner and Hunter playing Defense last week (Video)

    Anyone else notice this?


    Interesting strategy to bring more of the big fellas in on Goaline D

    I could just hear Rex "Yeah throw Turner in there he doesn't give a sh*t"

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    In the last two seconds of the video is a great shot of Turner tackling Leonhard. That is funny

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    Leonard was probably like "Love your enthusiasm, kid. Next time aim for the guy with the Orange Helmet" :P

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    I know I may sound crazy, but I wouldn't be against seeing Vlad Ducasse get an intro to DT class. 6'4 330lbs, strong as an ox. Why not?

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    Great find - I had not noticed it and I suspect none of the Jets beat writers noticed it as I've haven't heard any questions come up during a press conference.


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