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Thread: Admitily Leaving Early...Never again...

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    Admitily Leaving Early...Never again...

    I swore after the Miracle in the Meadowlands, I would never leave a game early again.

    I was in Detroit when my friend wanted to go, and I told him when there was 6:42 that the Jets were going to win in Overtime...

    Today, I left my seat when Sanchez, was hit and picked off....

    The tone of all the fans leaving was this team just always breaks your heart...Nothing new, they just keep finding new ways to kill us...Everyone was saying SOJ...we all know the saying here.

    I said to a friend, at least we only have to deal with this loss until Thursday night...I love short weeks.

    Then we watch the final pass to Edwards and then to Holmes on a flat screen in the lot...

    Can't they just make the plays that need to be made to win in normal fashion...

    I love this team....:yes::yes::yes:

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    I admit it too. It was awesome when we were in the tunnel and I was doing the play by play on my phone and yelled out TOUCHDOWN. ****ing tunnel almost collapsed.

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    Atl east you have the guts to be honest!!!!!:yes:

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    Way to take ownership, guys. I was guilty of the same thing against the Seahawks when Vinny "scored". I was on the spirals and ran back to my seat!:D

    I was commenting to my wife how disappointing it was to see the stadium half-empty, but I understood how bleak it looked at that point.

    Great win!!!

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    My father left after the Sanchez pick. I drove to the game. I stayed to the end. I should have had a few drinks in the club before returning to the car but I headed straight there after we won and let him have it the whole ride home.

    I will take the victory but we need to get things fixed if we want to do damage in the playoffs.

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    I was extremely dissappointed everyone left. They were great the whole game, and clearly made a committment to get there, as they always do. To just give up like that, with the game not out of reach, it was just sad watching Santonio catch that TD in front of 22k fans.


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    It's ****ing stupid. Look at the facts, if we stop them, we have a chance for a td. You might leave a few minutes earlier, can't wait to get out of the lot!

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    If you left early, you should forfeit your tickets. :tsk:

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    Dont feel bad dudes---I mean four weeks in a row was not likely---

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    Wasn't at the game but at a local bar. Surrounded by like-minded and disgusted green-clad fans late in the 4th quarter. Here's what it came down to: This is another game where the Jets' vulnerabilities were laid bare. Where is the ability to run the ball against one of the worst defenses in the NFL? How about the vaunted Jets defense making a stop when it counts, late in the game? Why are Houston receivers so wide open for pass receptions that they need their own zip codes? When do the Jets ever put a stake in the heart of an opponent when they're up 2 scores - at home no less?

    The Jets get one more "softy" on the schedule before the heavy lifting begins, and I don't see how this team is going to be ready for games against N.E., Pitt, and even Chicago, from what I just saw Thursday. Truth is, this Jets team can give us fans a heart attack against just about anyone.

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    Who the **** leaves games early?

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    Yes, way to admit it, some guys wont own up to it. But then again i dont blame ya. I probably would have left too. Who cares though , they won . God bless all Jets Fans

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    [QUOTE=rep;3827960]Who the **** leaves games early?[/QUOTE]

    Those fans who are more worried about getting home to the Wife in order to go shopping with her than Football. WUSSES. ;)

    Just kidding...maybe. :P

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    [QUOTE=NYJCAP2;3827839]I was extremely dissappointed everyone left. They were great the whole game, and clearly made a committment to get there, as they always do. To just give up like that, with the game not out of reach, it was just sad watching Santonio catch that TD in front of 22k fans.



    I was SO disappointed to see people leaving after that pick AND, ON TOP OF THAT ,the ENTIRE club section to my right cleared out 2 WHOLE rows. Pathetic.

    But those of us who remained and cheered in 245A!!!! WHAT A DAY!!!! WHAT a SENSATION OF PURE ECSTASY!!!!! THAT"S WHY you go see the game LIVE in person

    The two guys behind me, the STH next to me, my girlfriend & buddy (a life-long Giants fan, no less! - he also aptly pointed out, "is saving 20 mins in traffic worth more than seeing a POSSIBLE great comeback w/so little left in the game?") ALL JUMPED UP IN THE AIR and had a MASSIVE huge 6 person group hug of VICTORY when we saw Holmes catch that TD.

    NO FEELING on EARTH can substitute the SWEEET taste & SHEER JOY of doubted Victory clutched from the jaws of defeat. And seeing those fans, the doubters, who gave up SO EARLY when we're down by ONE (1) POINT!?!?!?!?! made staying to WITNESS that Jets comeback classic all the greater.

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    It wasn't saving the 20 minutes of traffic. It was the heartbreak. We all felt while leaving the stadium. It doesn't make you less of a fan. I'm going to be paying thousands of dollars for the rest of my life going to see the game, I'm going to decide when I'm leaving. That doesn't make any less of a fan. I bleed green and always will.

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    We played terrible all day. I don't think anybody thought we were going to win after that pick.

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    I stayed until the end


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