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    Best of

    From the Jets game today:

    [I]After the Sanchez pick near the end of the game[/I]:

    "I bleeping love Mark Sanchez. An average at best QB who has the propensity to make stupid decisions at the worst time."

    "WANNA do ur airplane dance now Sanchez?

    This is huge for us!"

    "yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! ! Suck it sancheese!!!! Go f yourself rex u fat slob!!!!!!! Whoooooo!!!!"

    "LOL @ the jets"

    "F*** that fat sweater vest wearing ass hole"

    [I]Jets get the ball back:[/I]

    "**** the Texans. Don't do this"

    "I hate my life"

    "Ahhhh crap I spoke too soon.

    They remembered they're the Texans.


    "It never ends..Wow.

    I hate the Texans, I really do that useless ******* team"

    "EVERy damn week. I'm so sick of the jets pulling wins out of their ass."

    "And the Texans' defense takes a dump. Great. All we're going to hear all week is about how great the Jets are. Of course, it's Jason Allen that gets burned. This is why it was maybe a good idea to go for the TD, Kubiak... you dumbass."

    "one more week of this bs :mad:"

    "You've gotta be kidding. I *HATE* the Jest."

    "I love how I PURPOSEFULLY AVOIDED watching this crap only to see the end of it anyway."

    "I gotta give the Jesters all the credit in the world....they could have laid down but they realized they were going against an absolutely college level secondary and came back for the sux....but it is what it is...." (one rational fan)

    "i just came out of my numbness .. just sat there staring at the wall .. i couldnt believe the ineptitude .."

    "Houston sucks monkey nuts.....and kubiak that moron should be fired immediately......unfreaking real how the jests escape again....they are eerily becoming..."that team of destiny".....nothing can go wrong for them......"

    "FML. Let the sanchez Brady comparisons begin."

    "In 2007 I was totally confident that the Patriots would win no matter what. This year I feel exactly the same way about the Jets." (:cool:)

    "Can't watch any more Jets games they are such bull****."

    "Ive stopped getting angry about the jets....I dont believe in destiny etc but Im starting to wonder about them this year :mad:"

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    That site might explode in about two minutes.

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    there was some high comedy going on at finheaven also....


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    Thanks for posting all that!! :yes:

    Now, can PM find a way into the end zone here???
    [SIZE="5"]F*CK!! [/SIZE]
    I guess not. :(

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    [QUOTE=OBENjet;3828089]there was some high comedy going on at finheaven also....


    "not shoudl just eat the wolf. he's dying of hunger anyway "


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    I still don't get "Sancheese"

    Somebody want to fill me in? :dunno:

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    No joke, I read on there a couple days ago from one of their fans that Sanchez was so bad that he'd be out of the league by 2014. Their fans rival Raider fans in the category of stupidity.

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    Would have been epic if the Colts managed to finish the comeback.


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