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Thread: How bad is the NFC West?

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    How bad is the NFC West?

    Well this thread started when I noticed that all four teams lost their games today. Point differentials were 18, 15, 21 and 14.

    Then let's add the fact that no team has a winning record.

    Next up I note that only 3 other NFL teams (CAR, MIN, MIA) have scored less points than the highest-scoring NFCW team (SEA).

    I'll end by noting that the Jets and Patriots have more wins than the entire NFCW division.

    Seriously that division just plain sucks.

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    To add to your stats... every team in the division has a negative +/- point total for the year... the total +/- of the division? -232

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    The Bills would have a great chance in that division. But yeah...pretty pathetic. That's an easy wildcard game.

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    Sucks that one of those pathetic teams will get to host a playoff game.

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    It will be AWFUL if a team with a losing record wins the division.

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    Really bad.



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