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Thread: Stats of Jets Run D Under Ryan

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    Stats of Jets Run D Under Ryan

    Under Rex Ryan as head coach, our run D has been dominant.

    Through last season and the first 10 games of this year (regular season only):

    - 654 carries
    - 2,384 yards
    - 3.65 YPA
    - 14 fumbles caused
    - 9 fumbles recovered
    - Total of 1 100 yard rusher (Jones-Drew in week 10 of last year)

    Gone are the days when teams run all over us and chew up huge chunks of yardage and time.

    If you take Rex out of the equation, which 1 Jet defender do you hold most responsible for these great numbers? Below are the ones I think are reasonable answers in order of the ones I think are most important.

    David Harris
    Bart Scott
    Sione Pouha
    Mike Devito
    Sean Ellis


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    Unfortunately, it has become a passing league. And our pass defense can be shaky at times

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    Uh, I'd add Revis to that list.

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    [QUOTE=Jets Things;3828698]Uh, I'd add Revis to that list.[/QUOTE]

    Very good point. Hes up there too But I think the most important guys are our 2 middle linebackers.

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    "Say what you want about me, but if I want to, I'll stop your run." - Rex Ryan

    The run D was somehwat pourous at the start of last year as the players were getting used to the system and their assignments. But from the second half of last season to now they have been smothering. Big ups to Pouha and DeVito, 2 no-name players performing at a very high level every week.

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    [QUOTE=Eckesg1;3828696]Unfortunately, it has become a passing league. And our pass defense can be shaky at times[/QUOTE]

    Yep, like on 3rd downs. :yes:

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    3.65 is a crappy average...

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    harris or scott


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