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Thread: 4th Quarter combacks for Pennington as a Jet=9

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    4th Quarter combacks for Pennington as a Jet=9


    I was surprised it was that high. Chad played for us a total of eight seasons and had a total of 67 starts if you include playoffs.

    Sanchez has 28 starts so far if we include the playoffs and by my count he has four 4thQ comebacks this year and one last (San Diego playoff game). He also had some near misses last year with Miami(1) and Jacksonville where he brought us back in the 4Q but the team couldn't hold the lead

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    I didn't see the breakdown of his 4th quarter pick-sixes.

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    I find this surprising. You sure they didn't mean [B]4th qtr INT runbacks for a TD[/B]?

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    I don't know what the stats show but I do know that when Pennington was our QB (at least toward the end) there was a feeling of utter hopelessness when we were down in the fourth quarter. That is no longer the case.

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    How many did Richard Todd have?

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    Well, there are fourth quarter comebacks and the there are fourth quarter comebacks. While winning a game where your down 1 point going into the fourth quarter constitutes a fourth quarter comeback it sure as **** isn't the same thing as what happened last night. Not saying that was all Pennington did, but I can't remember him doing anything close to what Sanchez has done these last three weeks.


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