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Thread: Give Rex A Break

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    Give Rex A Break

    Although I can't stand his bluster and his game management skills, this guy has made Jets football fun again. The attacks on him are for the most part ridiculous. Come on Emperor--put on the Cloths!

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    If Rex would learn how to be humble just a bit, at least until the first SB Championship is won, people like us woulld stay off of his back. Since he insists on blustering and never shuts the hell up, well, until they prove what he says to be prophetic, I am afraid he sets himself up for all of the criticizm he gets.

    I for one was sick of him in the Summer and wanted nothing more than for him to just shut the heck up and coach the team. I Love the guy, don't get me wrong, bu somewhere he will have to learn to shut up and be humble, unfortunately, it will probably come afdter getting bounced in the first round of the playoffs or not making it in at all.


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