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Thread: New Story: Chinks In the Armor

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    Florham Park, N.J. - An 8-2 record sure is a beautiful thing for the Jets and their fans, but they have been far from perfect and opponents*seem to have figured out the flaws in the Jets and more importantly how to exploit them.

    The Jets keep surviving, despite staring defeat directly in the face for the past three games they are showing an uncanny ability to mount repeated comebacks, but it shouldn't have to be that way.

    The last few weeks Rex Ryan has said roughly the same thing during his post game conferences, after the game yesterday Ryan said, "I apologize...


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    “I think we get a lead and then we turn them loose. That’s something that we’ve got to really look at. We have excellent pass rushers led by Jason Taylor, Shaun Ellis, Trevor Pryce (and) Calvin Pace. That’s a pretty good group of pass rushers.” Ryan said, “Now, we don’t always ask those guys to rush the passer. Maybe we need to do more of that. I don’t know. But, when we look at it, that’s certainly something that we’ve got to really look at. Those guys can rush the passers.”

    -Rex Ryan
    I love Rex, but those guys have NOT been producing, and the Blitzes have NOT been getting there with anything near the frequency they should be. Teams have not only figured out how to pick up the Jets Blitzes, but QBs are EXPLOITING the Jets D by throwing quick passes to the areas vacated by blitzers...

    I hope Rex isn't too stubborn or above a little self-evaluation and maybe adjusting the Defense accordingly.

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    Speed is the problem.

    A slow pass rush isn't a pass rush.


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