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Thread: All Prospect team...

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    All Prospect team...

    Just to get a topic going...

    QB - Luck - Duh.
    FB - Charles Clay - Tulsa FB is huge.
    RB - Mark Ingram - Solid bet to be a decent back.
    WR - Julio Jones - Has the body and play styling of favorites like AJ and Owens. Might fall, but anything after the 20's is a Dez Bryant-esque steal.
    WR - AJ Green - Duh.
    TE - Kyle Rudolph - Hamstring injury sucks, but still the best a really nice TE prospect.

    LT - Anthony Castanzo - Why bet against a BC OL?
    LG - Clint Boling - Georgia OL has played everywhere but C. Reminds me of Steinbach.
    C - Kris O'Dowd - USC C is a top talent, but has injury history.
    RG - Rodney Hudson - Not as long as your typical LG propsect, and I like him better as a RG.
    RT - Orlando Franklin - Mauler...might start his career at fact, probably will.

    3-4 D

    DE - Cameron Heyward - I'm a fan. Prototypical 3-4 DE skillset.
    NT - Jerrell Powe - Big SEC DT with NT size and skills.
    DE - Nick Fairley - Best 4-3 DT prospect in the draft, but size, length, and athleticism offer major upside in any system.

    OLB - Robert Quinn - Brain tumor brain schmumer.
    ILB - Akeem Ayers - Uber athletic college LB could survive inside or out.
    ILB - Quan Sturdivant - Another suspended NC player. Beast. Similar to Jon Beason.
    OLB - Ryan Kerrigan - In the Rex mold of 3-4 OLB prospect in that he's big, athletic, high motor, and smart.

    CB - Patrick Peterson - Duh.
    CB - Prince Amukamara - Peterson's on a different level, but still could be a really good NFL CB.

    S - Jeron Johnson
    S - Ahmad Black - A future Jim Leonhard type. Not really a fan of the S class...Williams and McDaniel have nice upside but the smaller guys are more polished...Johnson is talented enough to have a rookie season like Delmas or someone had.

    K - Alex Henery
    P - Ryan Donahue

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    Welcome back, Gato.

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    Marcell Dareus has to beat out one of those guys at DE...

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheMo View Post
    Marcell Dareus has to beat out one of those guys at DE...
    For w/e reason...I'm not a fan of Dareus...OK that's too much...I like raw size and height more...Plus, Dareus is riding alot of last year's NC hype...he hasn't blown any minds this year so far.

    Heyward and Fairley are legit big time talents it'd be hard to kick them off. I suppose I'd kick Heyward off since Fairley is the scary one, but personally I feel Heyward's one of the safest bets in this class right now.

    Also, hey.
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