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Thread: PREDICT the SCORE: JETS vs bungles

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    PREDICT the SCORE: JETS vs bungles

    Short week.
    Jets take on the Cinn Bungles as the late game on Turkey Day.
    Vegas has us as 9 point favorites with a 44 point over-under.

    Unless it is a pouring rain-storm on Thurs, we should kill these guys.
    While Cinn has a solid offensive trio of QB Carson Palmer, Chad Ocho-Cinqo and T.O., their secondary is decimated by injuries, and the Jets should be able to throw on these bums at will...literally like passing against a practice squad defense.
    No trap game, no chance we lose.
    Actually, we feel badly for Marv Lewis, who could have been a pretty solid NFL head coach, but ended up with this team instead.
    Jets should dominate every aspect of this game, especially in a short week against a team in turmoil.
    A short week leads to less preparation, and more of a reliance on pure talent. The Jets have triple the talent that the Bengals do...

    Pick the final score & add in some stats for the Jets impact players, as well as any Bungle stats you want to take a run at. Tie-breakers will probably come "into play" this week.
    The computer is on...B.

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    J-E-T-S 24

    Bungholes 13

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    JETS 45
    Bungals 19

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    I'm terrible at predicting the score so I'll go ahead and just give the score I want to see:

    [COLOR="DarkGreen"][B][FONT="Arial Black"]JETS 45
    [COLOR="Orange"][SIZE="2"][FONT="Arial Black"]Bungles 0[/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR]

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    jets 26
    bengals 24

    Folks hits a 50 yarder to win it.

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    This is the Bengals Super Bowl on national tv

    Bengals - 47
    Jets - 3


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    i predicted we would crush the Broncos, Lions, Browns and Texans, and we barely won each of those games.

    in hopes of reversing that trend, i will now predict that we pull out another squeaker against the Cindy Bungles.

    J-E-T-S 23

    Bungles 20

    Sanchez 2TD's (Braylon, Keller), 1 INT. Greene and LT combine for 120 yards rushing.

    Jets jump out to an early lead before sputtering on offense, Bengals rally and the defense does just enough at the end of the game to pull off the W.

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    Jets - 31
    Bengals - 13

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    [IMG][/IMG] [B][SIZE="6"][COLOR="Green"]37[/COLOR][/SIZE][/B]

    [IMG][/IMG] [B][SIZE="6"][COLOR="DarkOrange"]27[/COLOR][/SIZE][/B]

    [B][SIZE="3"]Braylon Edwards 2 TDs
    Shonn Greene 1 TD[/SIZE][/B]

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    Jets 27
    Cincy 10
    Sanchez 240 yds 2 TD
    Edwards 70 yds 1 TD
    Holmes 110 yds 1 TD
    Greene 125 yds 1 TD
    First two int's since Minny game, Revis & Coleman

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    Jets 61

    Bengals 10

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    Most likely a cool, wet night on Thanksgiving!

    Expect a lot of incomplete passes in what should be an ugly, ugly game.

    Jets - 20

    Bengals - 13

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    If shotty recognizes that the bengals weakness is their past defense EARLY, we should blow them out.

    I'm not really worried about the defensive collapse in the 4th quarter. Matt Schaub is a pro bowl quarterback and I think the defense was stuck in cruise control becuase they were up by so much, so that when Greene fumbled the ball, they couldn't get into their groove again.

    Jets- 30
    Bengals- 20

    Sanchez: 23-35 for 310 yds, 2 TDs 1 Int.
    Greene: 10 carries 57 yds.
    Tomlinson: 17 carries 72 yd. 3 receptions for 23 yds.

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    Jets 38
    Bungholes 13

    (edit: revising downward after reading Bengals fan site :D )
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    Jets 27
    Bengals 23

    cause they love to keep it close

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    Jets win with a field goal with one second left 23-21

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    Benglas 20
    Jets 17

    Sanchez - 22-32 - 280 1 TD 2 INT
    LT - 19 - 112 - 1 TD

    Palmer - 24-45 - 310 - 3 TDS 1 INT
    Owens 6-99 - 2 tds

    Once again, the Jets make a banged up, bad team look good again. ...this time the only difference is, the last second combacks run out. Folk misses an early FG from 28 yards out.
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