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Thread: Bengals vs Jets Preview

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    Bengals vs Jets Preview

    [B]Cincinnati Bengals Offense[/B]

    The Cincinnati Bengals are ranked 14th in offense. Their strength is passing (8th in the league - averaging 249.6 yards/game), and led by Terrell Owens' 897 yards and 8 TDs. Carson Palmer has thrown for 18 TDs, however, he has 13 INTs and 2 fumbles lost. The Jets passing defense ranks 16th, however - ranks 9th in passing yards per play (a deceptive statistic). The key matchups here are Cromartie and Revis versus Owens and Johnson. Look for the Bengals' TE Gresham to get involved in the passing attack, as he has 42 catches (3 TDs), against a Jets secondary that has struggled covering TEs.

    The Bengals' rushing attack ranks 23rd in the league in total yards (969) and 22nd in yards per average (3.8). The Jets' defense ranks 5th against rushing, allowing 90.3 yards per game - and which held the NFL's leading rusher to 84 yards last week (on 22 carries). Cedric Benson has 747 yards rushing (on 200 carries - 3.7 yards/rush) and is not as effective as he was last season.

    This is an offense that has struggled against opportunistic defenses (-2 turnover ratio). Limiting the Bengals' turnovers will be a big part of the game's outcome, as they have had 4 TDs returned from off of turnovers.

    [B]Cincinnati Bengals Defense[/B]

    The Bengals' defense has been marred by injury, the most recent in their secondary. Their recently depleted secondary is ranked 18th in the league, and will only struggle more with their anemic pass rush (10 sacks total this season - ranked 32nd in the NFL - and it's not close with the next team 4 sacks ahead). Expect Sanchez to post big numbers against the Bengals, who will be outclassed (on paper) by the combination of Edwards, Holmes and Keller.

    The Bengals' rushing defense is ranked 23rd in the NFL in total yards and yards per attempt (4.4). Expect the Jets (ranked 8th overall in total offense - Yes, that's right) to be able to post big numbers as long as their key players (O-Line) are healthy for this game.

    [B]Cincinnati Bengals Special Teams[/B]

    The Bengals rank 21st in the league in kick returns, 23rd in kicking, and 16th in punting (with 1 punt blocked), and 13th in field goal attempts (1 blocked). Their special teams play has been anything but special, also allowing 1 kick returned for a TD.

    [B]History - Bengals vs Jets[/B]

    The last two games the Jets have played vs the Bengals have been very one sided, and should be on the minds of the Bengal players. Following their humiliating loss (as told by Terrell Owens), and their recent memory of the Jets in the playoffs and last regular season game - the Bengals have a significant psychological disadvantage here. Let's hope the Jets players don't have a letdown this week on Thanksgiving day.

    Overall - the Jets need to come in and take care of business on a holiday thursday night. The Bengals are struggling with injuries and motivation right now. The matchups favor the Jets, however, with the recent play of the Jets (downplaying to their opponents), anything can happen.

    Let's hope this one is decided (in the Jets' favor!) in regulation - DECIDEDLY.

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