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Thread: LT a Jet because of Sanchez- Star-Ledger

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    LT a Jet because of Sanchez- Star-Ledger

    Jets RB LaDainian Tomlinson on Mark Sanchez: 'I wanted to come here because of him'
    Published: Tuesday, November 23, 2010, 4:04 PM Updated: Tuesday, November 23, 2010, 4:07 PM
    Conor Orr/The Star-Ledger

    US PRESSWIRELaDainian Tomlinson said that Mark Sanchez was the main reason he came to New York.
    Share 3 Comments During the offseason, LaDainian Tomlinson sent text messages back and forth with Brett Favre trying to get some insight on whether or not Favre would return for another season.

    Minnesota was on the short list when it became time for him to sign with another team.

    "I didn't know if Brett was going to come back," Tomlinson said today. "In the texts back and forth between Brett and I he never indicated whether or not he was going to come back."

    An exchange that basically made his mind up for him. It was then that he knew he would go to the Jets, a deal he signed in mid-March. He saw in Mark Sanchez what he may have been waiting on in Minnesota.

    "When I looked at (Sanchez), I want to come here because of him," Tomlinson said.

    "My thought process was, I can go with a guy that's lead his team to an AFC Championship as a rookie, got a great defense, great coaching staff or I could go somewhere where I don't know who's playing quarterback."

    Tomlinson said that watching Sanchez on film gave him some crucial insight into what he was looking for.

    "Quite honestly watching him at USC and I knew, he just had a knack about him," Tomlinson said. "He was probably the main reason that I came here honestly. I saw the guy and I said you know what, this guy has something special to him. To be able to keep plays alive and you know, he's ahead of his time as far as the learning curve and knowing his offense.

    * * *

    Out of his two most important injured starters -- right tackle Damien Woody (MCL) and wide receiver Jerricho Cotchery (groin) -- Rex Ryan was asked which would be more likely to make the turnaround and play Thursday against Cincinnati.

    "I think D-Wood has," Ryan said. "Jerricho looks freat -- and I say Damien because I don't see him sprinting a whole lot. But Jerricho obviously having to get in and out of breaks, all that kind of stuff, there's still a chance. Not ready to rule him out completely. But if I was a betting man I would say D Wood would have a better chance."

    Though, a recovery from Woody may even be a stretch at this point.

    Backup Wayne Hunter said he's anticipating getting some time.

    "Iím like you guys, Iím still waiting. But (Woody) is limping pretty heavily," Hunter said. "Iím preparing like Iím starting, whether or not he goes."

    Neither practiced today, along with Dwight Lowery who is still struggling with a concussion sustained against Cleveland.

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    you mean it wasn't tomlinson's relationship with schitty?

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    Playing for the NY Jets has become a very inciting proposition for prospective players in the past couple of years. There is nothing to indicate this will change in the coming years.

    LT is also on record saying that Sanchez is ahead of both Brees and Rivers at this point in each of their careers.

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    After the game, I was wondering what had happened to LaDanian's jersey....

    and now i know....


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    Foster is from San Diego, his former coach hangs out with our crew every week. I thought LT traded his jersey with Cushing but this pic proves otherwise. Pretty cool thing to do.

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    While I feel like LT is being genuine with saying Sanchez gave him a good vibe, I have to believe the biggest reason he came here is because he knew he could unseat Shonn Greene and couldn't Adrian Peterson. He had to know he could get 15 carries a game here where as in Minnesota he'd be lucky to get 10.

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    High praise coming from a future HoFer like LT. I would have thought that Rex would have been the driving force in his decision from a Jets point of view. Good stuff!

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    Does anyone think LT is looking at what's Happening in Minnesota and going "Whew! I dodged a friggin' bullet there by coming here!"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vin View Post
    Does anyone think LT is looking at what's Happening in Minnesota and going "Whew! I dodged a friggin' bullet there by coming here!"
    Hell yeah their season just imploded


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