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Thread: Anyone here sat in the NMS suites?

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    Anyone here sat in the NMS suites?

    I was just invited to the Dec. 12th game against the Dolphins. My friends have a suite for the game, which I'm very excited for.

    Anyone here been in one? What are they like? I'm sure SAR has...

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    I sat in level 5 Hertz gold suite for the Texans game. Pretty nice but I like the old stadium suites better. They had more room, and a private bathroom per suite. The NMS suites are smaller inside and out without the cool porches the old stadium had. Upside is that NMS has great TVs inside and better food. Order the meatball subs. Yum yum.

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    I took a VIP tour of the Meadowlands on Saturday before the Texans game and was in the suites. You are going to love it and yes, I am jealous. Enjoy!!!


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