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Thread: 2 Lower Levl Ticks available for tomorrow Sec 142

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    2 Lower Levl Ticks available for tomorrow Sec 142

    Sorry if this belongs in a different forum. I didn't see a for sale or ticket exchange.

    So I did too good of a job getting tickets and wound up with 2 sets so I need to get rid of one of them. I have the tickets in pdf (from a licensed broker) so we can either meet at the stadium or we can do a paypal/email.

    Seats are in Section 142 Row 34 on about the 20 yd line. Face value is $140 a ticket, I am asking $100.00 per.

    Again sorry if this is not the correct place to do this but I figured I would prefer someone from this community get them then some schmo on ebay or craigslist.

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    I've gotten a few private messages about these but I will be in the air (flying to NY) so I might not reply until 10:00 AM or so.

    J-E-T-S Jets Jets Jets


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