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Thread: Big hello from me! :D

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    Big hello from me! :D

    Hi, my name is Steph and I live in NYC, originally from Jersey.

    I've been a Jets fan since years... My dad used to love them as well. I'm looking to meet other fans on here, let's see.

    I don't know anyone in NYC who likes them as well. With three sisters and a mom at home there is noone to discuss sports with.

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    Hey Steph. I'm to this site, as well. Die-hard Jets fan since birth. I'm originally from Jersey, in Brooklyn now. If it makes you feel any better my two roommates are Giants fans.

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    ... welcome both! ...

    ... steph, i'm sure if you pop into the nearest sportsbar for the chicago game you'll run into pleny of NY J-E-T-S fans!!! ...



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