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Thread: The Miami Herald think our QB situation is worse than the Dolphins'

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    The Miami Herald think our QB situation is worse than the Dolphins'

    Not sure what game this homer was watching.


    The day-after QB frustration and tripping indignation
    The Dolphins remain a hopeful bunch this morning.

    Coach Tony Sparano will hold his day-after press conference in a couple of hours and, at some point, likely point out that the Dolphins remain in the playoff chase with a handful of other 7-6 teams and so, "Why not us?"

    The Dolphins should win the next two games. They host the Buffalo Bills and Detroit Lions. Those teams have combined for six wins. But it is that season-finale at New England that looms difficult for the Dolphins if the Patriots are of the mind to play all their players and not lay down.

    That game could be the difference between 10-6 and a chance to be in the playoffs, and 9-7 and practically no chance to be in the playoffs. Of course, the Dolphins must do work against Buffalo and Detroit first. It is still a long shot and, as I point out in my column today, Miami's quarterback situation is not good right now.

    Don't get me wrong. Miami's QB play is fine compared to the reeling Jets. But compared to playoff teams, particularly the New England Patriots? Not so good.

    The truth is it seems Chad Henne is regressing. He used to have one good game, one questionable game. Since coming back from his knee injury, he's had one good game (Oakland) and two bad games (Cleveland and New York).

    Very frustrating for any Dolphins fan hoping for a franchise QB, hoping for playoff relevance, hoping for a chance to have their team do something special.

    Dolphins fans, by the way, were angry Sunday evening after Jets strength and conditioning coach Sal Alosi tripped Miami special teams flyer Nolan Carroll along the Jets sideline. It was a dirty move and Alosi eventually released a statement in which he apologized for the "unsportsmanlike" move.

    But while Carroll, who eventually got an apology from Alosi, didn't think much of it, several Miami players were indignant. Consider their reaction in this Miami Minute courtesy The Herald's Jeff Darlington:

    Read more:

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    If only anyone in the city of Miami would actually read that article. Those posers don't even show up to watch Lebron and the Heat.

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    The writer knows on the whole it's been decisively the opposite; that's why he added the conditional "reeling".

    The consensus was already achieved in the first quarter of the season.

    You could even tell the difference yesterday. Sanchez was making throws that even during this week's crisis Henne would find very difficult to make, let alone try.


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