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Thread: 2011 Cuse Football

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    2011 Cuse Football

    Good win to start out the year. Offense finally got into gear in the 4th...not sure what took so long. Not going to lie though, if the Wake QB doesn't get hurt, they probably don't get that comeback.

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    Dammit! Debated tuning late in on espn3 but counted them out based on some in game tweets.

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    Any Cuse or RU fans gouing to Jets game in Balti? I'll be arriving in time to go watch the noon Orange vs Knights game. If so we should meet up at a bar such as Pickles.

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    Don't care that we cheated, a win is a win.

    But yeah, I'd be pretty pissed if I were a Toldeo fan.

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    Wooooooooo! Down with WVU! And Rutgers lost. Great day. Makes it even worse choking to Rutgers earlier in the year.

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    Was waiting for the 2nd half choke/collapse that never came. Offense never stopped rolling. WRs were wide-ass open. A nice ass kickin against a ranked opponent.


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