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Thread: Another half of football...

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    Another half of football...

    and zero TD's for the NY Jet offense.

    I am beginning to think they may not ever score another offensive TD....

    Perhaps if we punted on first down, that would tire opposing offenses out to the point of mistakes that could allow our D to score more :eek::confused:

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    Don't worry the sh!TTY defenders will come out to defend this d!ck. He did ok fo a series or 2, but he has regressed to the sh!TTY we all hate. Great clock management. You could see Sanchez asking for one. Bottom line the o can't execute because he can't coach his players, the guy can't even get plays in on time. What a joke!!! This is how the league sees the Jets, zero respect and it starts from the top.

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    The Jets offense has scored a TD


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