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Thread: Game Balls

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    [QUOTE=John_0515;3871731]Because he's a blockhead.[/QUOTE]

    I'm wondering if they would send Braylon over the middle again against Urlacher and company next week?

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    Hunter for filling in great for Woody.

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    I'll go with Special Teams to start off with 7 via Smith and great blocking, followed by Weatherford's perfect punts and Queezy's great punt coverage.

    Hunter for not giving up any sacks.

    I'll also give props to Pool who seemed to be around the ball all day.

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    [QUOTE=Borgoguy;3871746]No question. I want to hear anybody bad mouth Smith again. That guy is clutch money.[/QUOTE]

    It's sad because Jets fans have always beat him up for not being a great wide receiver which he was never drafted to be in the first place....He has done more for this team since 2006 than anyone else imo.....

    I don't even remember hearing James Harrison's name more than twice yesterday.....Hats off to the Oline!!

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    Westhoff. The NY Jets ST's clearly outplayed The Steelers from the start

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    [QUOTE=Jet Nut;3872830]Coleman:

    [B]10[/B] tackles, [B]9[/B] solo.

    [B]2[/B] Sacks

    [B]2[/B] FF's

    I'll take that all day, every day.[/QUOTE]

    If the guy you are covering is catching the ball you had better have a lot of tackles!

    His sacks and FFs were huge, hence the "giveth". I'm sure someone more industrious than me can show how many catches/yards he surredered, many in key situations, which is what would constitute the "taketh".:D

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    Alot of people don't like to give the guy credit but Braylon Edwards played his ass off.

    He gets my game ball.

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    Edwards.. catching some huge 3rd downs and going across the middle of the Steelers D with reckless abandon.

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    [QUOTE=Polidore22;3873238]Edwards.. catching some huge 3rd downs and going across the middle of the Steelers D with reckless abandon.[/QUOTE]

    I want to see him do that again against Chicago. I don't think even Urlacher can deal with him.

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    Revis - Did his job to perfection like usual.

    D'Brick - Best game of his career

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    Brad Smith and whomever (assume Shotty) called that QB Bootleg.

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    Can't give 1 to weatherford, he has 1 horrid punt to start the game.


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    Some under the radar people.

    1) Cole: broke up both passes in the endzone on the last drive.

    2) Hunter: Woodley & Harrison were essentially silent (outisde of the helmet to helmet that wasn't called).

    3) Weaterford: dropped 2 within the 10.

    I also have to give one to Shotty. Didn't abandon the run game. Had some nice, quick completions for Sanchez. Some questionable calls but overall a solid game.

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    If I'm giving out one game ball, it's going to Edwards. He made three or four HUGE catches.

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    [QUOTE=Suffering;3871726]+ 1 for Edwards, got got hammered on 2 big catches and got up like nothing happened.[/QUOTE]

    Edwards doesn't make the tough catches (6-100) NO CHANCE the Jets win that game.
    Steelers with 2 more possessions win that game going away.

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    [LIST=1][*]edwards[*]st teams[*]shotty for calling a great game[/LIST]

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    [QUOTE=njherdfan;3871708]I'd have to say Brad Smith deserves a game ball. Who knows what would have happened if the Jets got down early. Getting an early lead was HUGE[/QUOTE]

    + 1.............I can't believe it took to get to you for a Smith response, well, yes I can. If I were Rex he would be the only one to get a GB. He set the pace for the day, awesome.

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    [B]Rob Turner[/B]

    Go back and watch the highlights. He throws two important blocks on both of the TDs that we scored.

    - On the opening kickoff he opens up the hole that Brad Smith hits to take it all the way.

    - On the Sanchez bootleg, he seals the end then runs with Sanchez and gets in the way of two potential tacklers.

    You couldn't ask for more from a backup O-Lineman. Terrific job.

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    Vernon Gholston.


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