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Thread: Pick your poison

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    Pick your poison

    I was thinking I would rather lose 45-3 to the Patriots than lose the way the Giants lost this afternoon to the Eagles. Talk about a debacle. :P All week I had to listen to Giants fans ripping us on the WFAN and ESPN radio. Now Giants fans, "how about some crow?" I hate losing, but how would you rather lose between the two games?

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    Man, when that punter kicked the ball right to Jackson I knew it was over. I mean the guy has been on the verge of self-destructing all season long.

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    We as jet fans are experts at both scenarios and I tend to agree with you. Remember the Marino spike game? That game was just like todays Giants game, the Jets were way ahead in that game only to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

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    Why Jet and Giant fans go after each other baffles me, who cares, we're not rivals. It's lame.

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    I would take 45-3 any day over what happened to the G-men. Are you kidding me, I practically lost it today when the Steelers just marched down the field on our vaunted defense.

    I couldn't handle a collapse like that. I'd go postal.


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