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Thread: Why do we continue to waste Revis's talents?

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    Why do we continue to waste Revis's talents?

    I am not picky here. I am very glad with the win, believe me. But with that being said, there is no excuse for how we have been using Revis this year. It has been going on the last few games.

    There should not be ONE defensive play in any game for the Jets where Revis is not covering the other team's #1 wide receiver over the course of the entire game. Revis simply removes Andre Johnson and Calvin Johnson (who many would argue are the 2 best receivers in the entire NFL) earlier in the season. But the last 3 games we are playing zone with Welker, Marshall, and today Wallace, who were all making big catches in crucial situations.

    Why do we continue to play zone when we have the best 1-2 CB tandem in the league? Why is Revis not on Wallace every single play? The steelers do not have any receivers remotely in the same talent range as Wallace. Why are we playing zone on 3rd and 24?

    We are in essence mimicking the most poorly run franchise in the entire NFL who for some moronic reason had up until this season stuck Asomugha on one side of the field letting opposing team's #1 receivers run rampant on the other side of the field.

    We lose this game, it all comes back to that 3rd and 24. I am happy with the win, but out defensive strategies with zone probably cost us the game against the Fins (TD to marshall) and could cost us down the road.

    In my humble opinion, I do not buy into the excuse that the Jets want to stick Revis on other receivers during the game because the coaching staff is worried about their secondary receivers beating the other jets DB's. If they beat us, so be it. But force a team's marginal receivers to beat us rather then their #1 option.

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    Yeah, I was confused as to why Revis was not manned up on Wallace

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    If Revis was not on Ward, then this game would of been over. Cro would of had to take him on, and that was not happening. Revis saved the day again.

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    Revis wasn't on Wallace because Cromartie would get abused by Ward. Simple as that...

    Cromartie doesn't match up well with guys who are quick in a phone booth and certainly not guys who are physical or tough to tackle.

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    If Revis was on Wallace, he would have shut him down, but Ward would have had a field day on Cromartie. Also, if you exclusively play man you have the nickel back guarding the third receiver, which doesn't favor the Jets.

    Cromartie is actually a good matchup for Wallace, because they're the two least physical players in the NFL.

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    Revis just has to play the cover two defense and cover two receivers at the same time.

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    [QUOTE=Heynowguy;3872404]Revis just has to play the cover two defense and cover two receivers at the same time.[/QUOTE]

    BINGO!!!! We have a Winner:D

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    cromartie would get torched by ward, thats y


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