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Thread: Rex gets the MUST win

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    Rex gets the MUST win

    Kudos to Rex. I stated that this was the most important game of his short career.
    Jets were under tremendous pressure to turn things around in a place they have NEVER WON, against a very good defense.
    Rex had his thumb print all over the offense. Shottenheimer called a good game,, but still can't change his stripes by going shotgun on 3rd & 2, taking away the running game on that last drive?

    If your willing to go shotgun on 3rd down not concerned with making the Steelers use their last timeout, then throw the f*cking ball on 1st down in that drive & put a dagger in their neck!

    Other than that last series, it seemed that Shotty did everything we were asking for on this board.
    He got Sanchez some easy throws to build his confidence, he threw on 1st down occasionally & he got Edwards involved in the offense.

    Give Edwards the MVP. He made HUGE catches in this game. The one off his shoelaces was amazing & the catch he made in traffic, & then holding on after the helmet launch.

    The defense was tough to watch. Giving up a 96 yard drive? (Including many 3rd & longs).
    Giving up a 3rd & 24?
    But, they closed the deal!
    Bart Scott is the most OVERRATED LB in the league. He's an average backer making top LB money.
    Scott & Harris together are inept in pass coverage. Next year the Jets need to find a speedy LB so they don't end up with both these guys on the field on 3rd downs.

    The safetys? blech

    But, not much Rex can do, he's gotta roll with what he's got. Bottom line is that there is no other coach that the Jets employed over the last 25 years that gets that win.
    I luv Rex, no homo.
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