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Thread: New Story: The Schottenheimer Redemption

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    New Story: The Schottenheimer Redemption

    [B]Florham Park, N.J.[/B] - It may not have been quite as dramatic as Andy Dufresne's redemption in Shawshank, but the Jets offensive coordinator most certainly redeemed himself by temporarily silencing his critics, at least for this week.

    The offensive coordinator of any team often finds himself being treated like a pinata whenever their offense starts to sputter, but Jets fans are notorious for recognizing their offensive coordinator's deficiencies*and are hardly shy about wanting them run out of town. Just ask Mike Heimerdinger or Paul Hackett.

    So with the Jets offense stuck in neutral the past couple of weeks, and as predicatable as...


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    Scoring 13pts is not redemption. Are they kidding me. This guy been calling some of the worse games and now that we win one game, everything's ok. It's a positive step and we will see what happens in Chicago. I hope he proves everyone wrong and makes this O great.:eek:

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    Against Pittsburgh it was a fine effort. But let's be real here, when the Jets really needed to step up and get some first downs they went into choke mode. I also didn't like how we basically fizzled out in the redzone and how to settle for a 30+ yard FG. You can't score FGs against a team like that and expect to win consistently.... hell against any team.

    TDs man.

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    I must admit I didn't think much of Schotty first time I laid eyes on him; looked like a stiff breeze would blow him over.

    That was my first impression of the man.


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