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Thread: New Story: The Morning After Report: Final Exam Edition

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    New Story: The Morning After Report: Final Exam Edition

    [B]FLORHAM PARK, NJ[/B] -- History suggest that it'd be an impossibility. With an all-time record of 0-9 in the state of Pennsylvania, the Jets managed to steal a victory in the Steel City, thanks in large part the the special teams and defense.

    Brad Smith proved to Brian Schottenheimer that his explosiveness can still be utilized in the game without stuffing the Wildcat down opponent's throats.

    Jason Taylor proved to his coaches that, at age 36, is still worthy of extra playing time.

    And the Jets proved they can beat an elite team.

    The final exams are in and it's safe to say the...


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    I disagree with the B grade for Rushing. They put up 104 total rushing yards on a team that allows 60 per game. The Patriots are the only other team to put up 100 yards on the ground vs the Steelers this year. I know they were without Polamalu, but that run defense is still one of the all-time great run defenses.


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