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Thread: Interesting playoffs scenario... 1st or 6th?

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    [QUOTE=Vin;3874056]Another "Interesting" Playoff scenario :

    If the Jets win the rest of their games, they're in the playoffs guaranteed. :eek:

    :rolleyes:[/QUOTE]...and finally...if the Jets win the rest of their games...their World Champs...

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    [QUOTE=IndianaJet;3874177]Sounds like a good idea now but it works both ways.

    Remember 2002 (January 2003 playoffs)?

    The 9-7 division winning Jets hosted a 1st round game against the 10-6 wild card Indianapolis Colts.[/QUOTE]

    Yeah, but the Jets were steamrolling everybody on their way into the playoffs and were still over .500. Way different case with whoever wins this NFC West

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    [QUOTE=AFCEastFan;3874017]Maybe, but I think that overconfidence regarding, and little film on, Flynn played at least a small role in the Patriots' poor performance.[/QUOTE]

    I agree that the Pats defense fell asleep, but the Packers D proved a good matchup against Brady and co...

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    [QUOTE=#1Patriot;3874084]The Bills are not going to be a layup game for either the Patriots or the Jets. After starting 0-8 they have gone 4-2 for their last 6 games.[/QUOTE]

    very true. All my jet fans were telling me last week that the Jets could lose the next two games, but would still get in because they will beat the Bills. I was convinced that if we lost to the steelers and bears, that the Bills would beat us.

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    [QUOTE=Roger Vick;3874186]Best game I ever went to.[/QUOTE]


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    Ah, a rare dickkotite sighting. :yes:

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    [QUOTE=Heynowguy;3874162]Mad dog says that change is in for next year, in his opinion. Also due to crazy NFC seeding.[/QUOTE]

    I like the structure the way it is now. Wn the division get guranteed a home game.

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    That Jets-Colts game was the greatest Jet experience of my life.

    Maybe the Jets-Jags, Divisional game from the Parcells AFC Championship Year too

    Actually that Jets-Packers and then Jets-Colts games was the greatest 2 weeks.

    I really thought they were going to go all the way.

    Stupid Raiders.....


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