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Thread: Fill in the blank, The MAIN reason the Jets might not win the superbowl is ________

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    [QUOTE=Guitarjet;3874657]Careful.... Karma is a *****!:O[/QUOTE]

    I make no guarantee that the Pats will make it to the SB, just that I don't believe the Jets will. Not without an offense or a defense that scares no one.

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    [QUOTE=FreemanMC;3874665]Dude, you ought to work for NESN - pal around with Chris Collinsworth - are you getting a Brady jersey for Christmas?
    My goodness, man, you're probably one of those guys who secretly pumps his fist under the table when you see the Patriots score, so everyone keeps believing you're really a Jets fan, when you'd rather see the Patriots win.
    I mean, it's one thing to recognize he's good -- it's another to fall all over yourself with every other post telling us how unbelievably perfect everything New England is.[/QUOTE]


    You got me all figured out bud :yes:

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    [QUOTE=LadainianIMnotDONE;3874628]Here's the challenge ... you can't say Schotty, lack of home field, or anything regarding a curse. GO .... might not be that hard of a challenge just trying to take away the typical responses ... lets get more intricit.[/QUOTE]

    lack of positive belief by the fans.

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    because we're the Jets

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    Because we can't stop 3rd and long.

    Seriously...3rd and 28? Really?

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    because Jet fans do not believe in this team and always act pessimistic.

    Its as good as any other excuse here. :cool:

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    [QUOTE=el_dub80;3874637]Brian Schottenheimer. (I didn't say Schotty) :D[/QUOTE]

    plus one

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    ... our lack of speed on defense.

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    [u]because LadainianIMnotDONE creates threads like this.[/u] :P

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    Goodell is still pissed at Alosi.

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    I find it kind of sad that threads like this are showing up before we have even nailed down a playoff spot officially. Every team has reasons why it should doubt its chances for the Super Bowl, even the mighty Pats. There isn't one team this year that defines dominance game-in, game-out. None. Bottom line is that the Jets have to play better than they have of late and find a zone. If they don't they'll get bounced.

    I think the best way to look at the Jets right now is that they have nothing to lose and everything to gain. They're not as good as we thought they would be at the beginning of the season, but they are not as bad as their two lemons against the Pats and Dolphins. Enjoy each game as an opportunity, while knowing that the Jets could just as well come out flat. Ride the wave, don't get ahead of it.... :)

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    Sophomore QB could mess up, but he's proven pretty damn good under pressure. Main reason would be hurt D in the middle. Jenk in the middle up front and now Leonhard's injury leaving a huge gap in secondary's middle. Thank god for Harris holdin' sh*t down.

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    no pass rush whatsoever

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    a healthy Chad Pennington is not their QB.

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    [QUOTE=LadainianIMnotDONE;3874628]Here's the challenge ... you can't say Schotty, lack of home field, or anything regarding a curse. GO .... might not be that hard of a challenge just trying to take away the typical responses ... [B]lets get more intricit.[/B][/QUOTE]

    intricit play-calling from our idiot OC.

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    1. No Woodhead; or

    2. Jet fans looking too far ahead and not concentrating on the NEXT game. It has ALWAYS been our Pythagorean's Heel.


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    [QUOTE=FREEJET;3874636]Folk :([/QUOTE]


    Playoff games come down to a possesion or two, for the most part, especially with this Jets team who always finds themselves in close games the past year.

    The 2 playoff games we won last year could have easily of had diffrent outcomes of not for Feely making clutch kicks AND both the Bengals and Chargers kickers missing clutch kicks.

    Hopefully Folk can turn it around, he has the talent, but dealing with the pressure is another story.

    The pass rush and safety/nickle play are big ones as well....hopefully Wilson and Lowery can keep improving at those positions to give us a better chance to advance this year.
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    bad coaching decisions and clock management

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    Main reason: Defense can't stop the underneath short passing game. Be it lack of pass rush or poor safety coverage, or both combined.
    This is setup by the lack of offense and a tight game where the defense is going to be asked to make THE STOP but can't.

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    Poor coaching overall + lack of team chemistry on O.


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