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Thread: Top 3-4 DL prospects

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    Top 3-4 DL prospects


    1. Cameron Heyward - Really being slept on right now, but should find himself gone in the top 15 picks when it's all said and done.

    2A. Nick Fairley - Only reason he's not #1 is because I think we're going to hear some character knocks on him. It's a dumb reason, sue me. Also, not sure he's badass enough to want the job. Either way, I think he's a top 10 talent who'll go in the mid teens because of work ethic and motor questions.

    2B. Marcel Dareus - Not as tall as you'd like, but very strong and athletic. (Top 10, maybe top 15)

    3. Cameron Jordan - Very good but not great size, and makes up for it with aggressive play, strength, and technique. Hopefully he's in the 290-295 range at combine. (Top 25-Early 2nd)

    4. Lawrence Guy - Underrated Pac-10 DT with all the tools. A pure 3-4 DE prospect, though that in itself means he can play a bunch of other spots on the line too. Definitely a guy to keep an eye on. (Late first-mid 3rd)

    5. Christian Ballard - Clayborne's less hyped teammate is basically Guy in the Big 10. Good player, plays everywhere on the line, and has good pro upside. I've heard some people say he'd be better a 3-tech, but I think he's a very good 3-4 DE prospect. (2nd-3rd)

    6. Muhammad Wilkerson - Yet another guy with plus size (6'5 305) and athleticism. Consistently good in college, and I like Al Golden players. His teammate Adrian Robinson should be a player too. I expect him to rise. Really good size and skillset for the position. Another guy who I'm on the bandwagon of. (Could go in the first but being from Temple could hurt that. I'd guess early 2nd to early 3rd)

    7. JJ Watt - Yea, this is a really deep group of players. He's long (6'6) but at 285 he'll need to put on weight to be a better anchor. (Possibly top 32, but off the top of my head I'd say top 60)

    8. Jared Crick - Still really deep...Crick is also a good player with a big frame to throw some weight on. (Anywhere from top 60 to the early 4th)

    9. Allen Bailey - Gun to my head I'd pick him because he's a freak athlete and freak athletes can do well. That said, I think he's a project player in this system all the way. He'd really do well to find himself in a 4-3, just like JPP got lucky. (First)

    10. Mike Blanc - Talented guy...there's alot of guys who could go here and I'm just being lazy. He's Fairley's teammate, and "inconsistent" is the word on him. He's got good size, but there's some guy Cedric Thorton from Central Arkansas getting some love. (Thorton could go as high as the 3rd...Blanc could go as high as the 5th)


    1. Jerrell Powe - Still really like this guy. (2nd-3rd)

    2. Kendrick Ellis - Big guy, Hampton's been good lately, and he's the most talented one. (2nd-3rd))

    3. Sione Fua - Underrated player on an underrated D. (3rd-4th)

    4. Ian Williams - I like him for some reason. (4-6)

    5. Colby Whitlock - Love how this guy plays...I keep calling him Kelly Gregg 2.0, but really he's Colby Whitlock 1.0. (4-UDFA)

    6. Phil Taylor - Has all the measurables. Hopefully I underrate.

    7. Anthony Gray - Name, probable UDFA.

    Who am I forgetting? There should be a few, hopefully.

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    I like Jarvis Jenkins from Clemson as the best of the 2nd tier prospects

    I see Bailey as a 4-3 guy.

    you missed Claibourne

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    I like Jarvis Jenkins from Clemson as the best of the 2nd tier prospects

    I see Bailey as a 4-3 guy.

    you missed Claibourne

    If Watt realy is at 285 then playing in the pros is not an issue, the guy is 21 YO
    he will be 310 by the time he is 24

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    Quote Originally Posted by patman View Post
    I like Jarvis Jenkins from Clemson as the best of the 2nd tier prospects

    I see Bailey as a 4-3 guy.

    you missed Claibourne
    I like but don't love Clayborne in a 3-4...I don't feel he's long enough...nor is he as physically dominating as Dareus, who also isn't long.


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