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Thread: Playoff scenarios?

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    Playoff scenarios?

    is there anyway that even if we lose this week we can still clinch a playoff berth?

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    from what i saw last week on the ticker on espn. if we loose and wither indy or jacksonville loses we are in. and i think it would be a miracle for us to get a five seed.

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    If Jets lose we need a loss by either Indianapolis (hopefully) or Jacksonville (hope not) to clinch a playoff spot.

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    NY Jets clinch a playoff spot:

    1) NYJ win or tie

    2) JAC loss or tie

    3) IND loss or tie

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    if we make the playoffs we'll likely be the 6th seed (BAL would have to drop one or both of their last 2 games to CLE & CIN, which is not likely happening). That means that if we win the wildcard round we'll be traveling to Foxboro to play NE in the divisional round. :eek:

    not looking forward to that if it happens.

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    Just pick the teams to win and it will update the scenarios.
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