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Thread: Faukty Offense might prevent a SB run by Jets- Dallas Morning News

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    Faulty Offense might prevent a SB run by Jets- Dallas Morning News

    By Rick Gosselin

    The Dallas Morning News


    The New York Jets have a defense that is Super Bowl ready. Unfortunately for Jets coach Rex Ryan, his offense is not.

    At 10-4, the Jets share the second-best record in the AFC. But with New England sitting atop the AFC East at 12-2, the Jets can resign themselves to a wild card. One more victory in the next two weeks would give the Jets their second consecutive playoff berth under Ryan.

    The Jets take the NFL's fifth-best defense to Chicago this weekend looking for their playoff clincher. The Bears have already claimed the NFC North with a 10-4 record of their own and field a top-10 defense themselves. So this will be no easy task.

    If the Jets can't get past the Bears, they can clinch a playoff spot with a victory at home in the finale against Buffalo. But there are no guarantees against the Bills. The Jets have already lost three games at home and failed to score a touchdown in any of them.

    And that's been the problem with the Jets - the reason their Super Bowl bandwagon has slowed to a chug. The New York offense can't score touchdowns:

    Quarterback Mark Sanchez has not passed for a TD in the last three games.

    Starting wide receiver Santonio Holmes hasn't scored a touchdown in three games.

    Starting wide receiver Braylon Edwards hasn't scored a touchdown in four games.

    Third wideout Jerricho Cotchery hasn't scored a touchdown in five games.

    Starting tight end Dustin Keller hasn't scored a touchdown in 10 games.

    Starting halfback LaDainian Tomlinson hasn't scored a touchdown in eight games.

    Shonn Greene, who rotates with Tomlinson at halfback, hasn't scored a touchdown in nine games.

    That's a whole lot of nothing from the New York skill positions. So for the last month, as the Jets have slogged through a 2-2 stretch, the offense has consisted of the foot of kicker Nick Folk and the legs of Brad Smith.

    Smith, a college quarterback converted to wide receiver by the Jets, returned kickoffs 89 yards against Cincinnati and 97 yards against Pittsburgh in the two games the Jets won in the last four weeks. He also sped 53 yards on an end-around for another score against the Bengals.

    Folk, the former Dallas Cowboy, has kicked six field goals in the last four weeks, and the New York defense has chipped in a pair of end-zone tackles by linemen Trevor Pryce and Jason Taylor for safeties.

    Except for a short touchdown run by Sanchez on a bootleg and a short TD pass to Holmes, that's been it on the New York side of the scoreboard for the last month.

    The Jets are a capable team. They proved that by beating New England in September and then going into Pittsburgh last weekend and upsetting the Steelers. Defensively, the Jets can play with anyone.

    But if the Jets are to reach their first Super Bowl since 1969, their offense is going to have to perk up - and perk up very soon. The season is running out of Sundays.


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    i can take alot of things....but i cant take someone calling our offense faukty!!

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    It's been damned fauking awful at times . . .

    Combine that with the whole fauking toes and feet Shenanigans . . .

    What a fauking year !

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    At first I thought the OP spelled the name wrong :

    I thought it was FOLK he was referring to. :P

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    Another article that forgets about our secret weapon, Brian Schottenheimer.

    Who pays these guys? :dunno:

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    What the faukty is going on here?

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    Faukty? Or sopne? Which did you mean?

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    what the hell is a faukty?

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    After the first 2 words, the writer lost all credibility with most of us. :rolleyes:

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    To bad the cowboys kicker can't kick an extra point or they may have won last night. I would take Folk over Bueler any day, and how about Miami's kicker missing five kicks last week. I would love to still have Feely, but it could be worse.


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