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Thread: It is just me or is Boomer 2 faced?

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    It is just me or is Boomer 2 faced?

    I'll admit I don't listen to his show on ESPN radio often, but whenever I do he seems to be pretty pro jets. But whenever he's on NFL Today pre-game he always seems to pick against the Jets and bash them to a degree.

    Is he a bit 2 faced or is it just me? It seems he just says what his audience wants to hear and doesn't seem to stand anywhere...

    It's something I've noticed but haven't posted but this recent Rex vs Coughlin who might be fired thing then him naming the Jets as the naughty in the naughty vs nice segment AND him seemingly picking against the Jets for the 15th time this year...

    any thoughts?

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    He's never pro Jets on WFAN.

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    He CONSTANTLY dumps on the Jets. He does it on the radio and on TV.

    His only love is the NY Rangers

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    Boomer is ok. Remember, all those analysts have to do what they have to do to keep themselves on the programs.

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    2 faced

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    He's not a Jet fan, and he states it weekly, so why is he two faced?

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    He says what he believes.

    When the Jets are playing well he picks the Jets. When they should be favored he picks the Jets.

    When not, he doesn't

    Its just that the Rodney Dangerfields of the board always are shocked and bewildered and then outraged when Boomer or anyone else doesn't pick the Jets.

    How dare they. I mean, Bears have the same record as the Jets, are home and aren't going into the game with their starting QB's health as an issue. How can anyone pick the Bears? :eek:

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    for some reason I remember him being pro jets on the radio..

    guess not..


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