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Thread: Is Sanchez a bust?

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    Is Sanchez a bust?

    He leads the league in dropped interceptions according to football outsiders.

    Sanchez has a 75 QB rating, 17 TD 13 INTs 54 completion percentage. 3,291 yards
    3 rushing TDs

    But you look at other young QB and they are all blowing him away....

    Sam Bradford-76 QB rating 18 TD 15 INTs 60 completion percentage 3,512 yards
    hes a rookie though

    Josh Freeman-95 QB rating 25 TD 6 INTs 61 completion percentage 3,451 yards

    Matt Stafford looked better when he played but has been injured too much

    Joe Flacco-93 QB rating 25 TD 10 INTs 62 completion percentage 3,622 yards

    Matt Ryan-91 QB rating 28 TD 9 INTs 62 completion percentage 3,705 yards

    Why is Sanchez doing so much worse than these guys?

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    a guy who has started less than 35 games and led his team to two playoffs runs, and an AFC Championship Game is a bust.


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    Better to lead the league in dropped INT's than caught INT's (See Eli)...

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    I would expect a Yankees fan to be a bit brighter than this. Well, maybe not.

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    Can we also get stats on "should have caught the damn ball!" drops by WRs?

    How about stats on sacks/pressures given up by Slauson/absence of Woody?

    The kid is improving. He's not at his ceiling yet. There's plenty of drops and miscues by other offensive players.

    He'll be fine. Not worried. Calling him a bust is LOL worthy.

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    Why are those other QB doing so much better, that is my question. I have to laugh at why this was put in the garbage dump.

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    ..oy vay...


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