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Thread: Ass + holes

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    Ass + holes

    Express however you please (own words, photos, quotes or whatever):

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    Pic #1- hopefully her fat f*ck POS mother dropped dead of a coronary seconds after that pic was snapped.

    Pic #2- he should send a big Thank You card to Saddam Hussein's corpse for distracting Bush all thoses years.

    Pic #3- attempting to look tough and enlightened when in fact they are infantile and ignorant.

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    #1 - I feel for that child. He's innocent, it's the parents and their indoctrination of hate thats disgusting. +1 on hoping the Mom drops dead.

    #2 - Pure Evil......that OUR Foreign Policy helped create. One day I truly hope we learn our "lesser of two evils" and "enemy of our enemy is our frind" ideals are not, in fact, very ****ing smart at all.

    #3 - The real core of racism in modern America. Sadly, being "victims" of racism has become a profitable industry in America.

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    (┌・。・)┌ lolgfy

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fishooked View Post
    We have a winner!!!


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