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Thread: For those who want to upgrade RB....

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    For those who want to upgrade RB....

    Pittsburgh RB Dione Lewis declared for the draft yesterday.

    This is excatly the type of player that is a nice target at the position....he wont wow anyone with measurables or speed but had excellent production in college and should be available in the middle rounds.

    The kid played in bad weather, and had multiple HUGE games with 35+ carries. Would be a nice player to have on the roster with Greene and McKnight at a relatively low price.

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    Ryan Williams from VaTech is also coming out. This RB class looks pretty stacked.

    The Jets should really grab one they like in the 3rd round. They might get a real bargain.

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    I wouldn't draft a RB this year, it looks like McKnight is a nice player afterall, I wouldn't be surprised to see him this sunday, fresh legs at the RB position, especially in the playoffs sometimes trumps talent.


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